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Addendia, Inc. developed and makes the Hi & Dri® Storage Pallet. The company was founded in 2000 by Barbara Van Reed. She was granted US Patent 6,892,651 for a Modular Storage Platform System in 2005, and the company began marketing the product at that time.

The Hi & Dri® Storage Pallet was initially manufactured in Taiwan, but we undertook an effort for it to be "Made in America," and move production to the US. The pallet is now made at JAM Plastics, Inc., an injection molding company in Leominster, Massachusetts. All warehousing and shipping functions are handled there as well.

Addendia, Inc. offices are located in Douglas, Massachusetts.

The company is a certified woman-owned small business. It is also registered in the Central Contracting Register, CAGE code 4PT70.

Barbara Van Reed, company president, worked at Data General Corporation (now part of EMC) in Westborough, Massachusetts, for 25 years before starting Addendia, Inc. She held various marketing positions in product marketing, international marketing, and federal marketing.

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Addendia, Inc.

P.O. Box 1136
Douglas, MA 01516

Phone: 508-476-3407
Fax: 508-476-3629