Hi and Dri Storage Pallet

A new solution for keeping business inventories, personal belongings, and bulk supplies off the floor, safely above flooding, leaks, moisture, dirt and dust, in wet or humid storage spaces.

The Hi & Dri® Storage Pallet is designed for stacking and storing big and bulky items that won't fit on conventional shelves, and is ideal for warehouses, self-storage units, basements, garages, sheds and barns.

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It's modular and expandable, made of lightweight, durable plastic parts, which can be assembled to make a pallet of any size or shape, and can be easily reconfigured as needs change. It's impervious to moisture, so it won't rot or rust.

The Hi & Dri® Storage Pallet can help prevent damage to stored items caused by rainstorms, floods, snowmelts, broken pipes, leaky appliances, dampness, and humidity. It has an open deck to maximize air circulation around items, helping to minimize mold.

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This home pallet is useful for non-catastrophic events too: to display floor merchandise, raise pet cages, stack wood, store garden supplies, raise computer cabinetry, or to make a platform.

Hi and Dri Storage Pallet

The Hi & Dri® Storage Pallet comes in two kit sizes. The Model HD1-2F contains ten 2-ft rails and 8 connectors that can be configured into several sizes and shapes, up to 12 square feet. The Model HD1-3F contains five 2-ft length rails, two 1-ft rails, and 4 connectors. It makes a pallet of 4 square feet.

The kits are packaged in re-shippable corrugated boxes. Drop ship services are available.

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