Resellers FAQ

What material are pallets made from?
Polypropylene plastic.
What is their weight holding capacity?
A 2 x 2 foot square pallet, with center rails installed can support up to 500 lbs of distributed weight.
Can the pallet be moved with a pallet jack?
The Hi & Dri® Storage Pallet is made of modular pieces that can be assembled and reconfigured as required. They are not a solid piece or nailed together. Therefore, they cannot be used with a pallet jack. In addition, the pallets can be made into different sizes and shapes, and are not limited to the standard sizes of industrial pallets. The pallets are designed for static storage applications.
Where is the pallet manufactured?
The pallets are made in Leominster, Massachusetts, at JAM Plastics, Inc. They are warehoused there as well.
How many pallets can you produce per month?
We have a very high manufacturing capability and would be happy to discuss exact numbers with qualified resellers.
Do you sell pallets directly to consumers?
No, sales are through resellers and dealers only; the company does not sell directly to consumers. The company does sell individual parts to consumers because not all resellers carry both product models, and some users require a small number of extra parts.
What is shipment lead time?
We keep a quantity of inventory on hand at all times, and delivery lead time is usually three to four days. For new production, lead time is three weeks.
Are custom configurations available?
Yes, we will be happy to quote custom configurations, as well as custom colors. Minimum order quantities will apply.
Will you private label the pallet?
Yes. Contact us at
How are pallets packaged?
The pallet kits are packaged in re-shippable corrugated boxes. The Model HD1-2F contains 10 kits per master carton, the Model HD1-3F contains 15 kits per master carton. Pallet loads contain 12 master cartons.
How much do the kits weigh?
Model HD1-2F weighs 4.8 lbs, a case pack of 10 weighs 5 lbs. Model HD1-3F weighs 3 lbs, a case pack of 15 weighs 47 lbs.
Can pallets be shipped using standard rates?
Yes, there are no special handling or weight requirements.
Can you drop ship?
Yes, we use UPS to drop ship throughout the US.

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