Why I Use the Hi & Dri® Storage Pallet -- Customer Stories

Some of our favorite stories from customers using Hi & Dri® Storage Pallet to protect their most valued possesions. We would love to hear from you -- email us your story today at info@addendia.com.

Base for a 6' x 8' Storage Shed

Mark of Putnam Valley, New York

Hi and Dri Storage Pallet
How he built it.

"I searched the Internet for an economical and easy solution to help keep ground water out of my storage shed by raising it up off the ground. The Hi & Dri Storage Pallets were the perfect answer. They are easy to put together, lightweight, and, most of all, won't need maintenance year after year. Thanks again for helping solve my storage shed water problem. I no longer have to worry about rain water getting inside now that the shed is raised off the ground."

Protect Business Assets from Roof Leaks

L. Douglas Henderson of Artcraft Music Rolls, Wiscasset, Maine

"I have been in the business of perforating/publishing (virtuoso) music rolls for 55 years ... and we keep a "10-year supply" in a storage building near my studio. A leaky roof proved to me that we needed pallets.

My problem has been damp floors, so that the bottom archives box absorbs humidity, even with 2 dehumidifiers running there ... beyond the winter roof leak that we experienced.

We already have about 16-20 pallets in our building and have been buying 4-6 boxes per month, and they beat anything else I've used in that structure for the last 35 years. That's a good product!"

Longer Lasting than Wood Pallets

Carol of Bedford, Ohio

"I will use the pallets in my garage to store my tree roses during the winter. This past winter I had them standing on wooden pallets and unfortunately I do get water on one side of my garage. I think the plastic pallets will solve my problem of rotting wood. The wood pallets last me about a year or so and I know I will have the plastic ones forever.

I wish I had found this product sooner because I think it is better than sliced bread."

Easier to Assemble than Wood Pallets

Ann S. of Old Saybrook, Connecticut

"My daughter and her family needed to store some books at my place. I used the pallet in a storage area so that I wouldn't have to worry about dampness. My son-in-law said they were so easy to assemble -- no problems whatsoever!"

Easy to Build and Very Portable

Ed of Halifax, Massachusetts

"The Hi & Dri® Storage Pallet system is much easier to use than to build something or to actually use an old wooden pallet. The Hi & Dri® Storage Pallet system was very easy to put together and take apart and very portable. I use it to elevate items in my basement. If I get water or a pipe burst my belongings will be off the floor and dry."

Easier to Clean Underneath

Nancy G. of Auburndale, Massachusetts

"My basement has a fieldstone foundation that gets occasional seepage and I use the pallets to keep a foam mattress that my cats use off the floor. I also have 4 litter boxes sitting on them, to keep those off the floor too and to make it easier to clean around them."

Protect Valuables from Basement Leaks

Ellen of Amityville

"I moved into a new home on Long Island with a high water table. For this reason our basement is what they call a crawl space basement, just 4 ft. high. It hasn't shown any signs of leaks but everyone knows basements can't always be trusted to stay dry.

I am a serious Hallmark® ornament collector and want to be sure the collection is safe while it's stored for the various seasons (Easter, Christmas, Halloween). I saw the pallets in a catalog and bought a few and before you know it I was seeing how easy they are to use. I am still moving boxed stuff into storage boxes and onto pallets. When I'm done I will have set up pallets in every inch of space (except the walkways).

I love these pallets, and they're making a big difference in how my basement storage looks."

Protect Valuables from Tropical Storms

Susan of Palm Beach, Florida

"I rented an air-controlled storage unit, size 5' x 10', which is on the ground floor. I first laid lay down a moisture barrier sheet I bought at Home Depot®, to prevent any dampness coming from the cement floor. Then I assembled the Hi & Dri® Storage Pallet (I bought 3 of the larger size). I also put treated plywood on top of some of the pallets because I am storing some things that are not in boxes. If we have any flooding from a tropical storm or hurricane, I think I'll have a good chance of keeping my storage items dry."

Strong Expandable Structure Protects Heavy Valuables

Peggi of Ewing, New Jersey

"I purchased the Hi & Dri® Storage Pallet for myself after downsizing my home. I needed to be sure some sentimental items were kept up and away from any water that may come into my basement. They worked perfectly and I was so happy with them that I purchased more for my newly-married daughter in Maine who was moving into her first small apartment which had a very damp basement and very little storage. Once again the pallets were exactly what were needed to hold some furniture and other items that did not fit into her apartment. I would highly recommend these to everyone. What a great idea!"

Guard Against Garage Moisture with Home Pallet

Hedy S. of San Juan Capistrano, California

I first ordered two sets of pallets for my California home because I wanted to store items on the floor of the garage and have them protected from the occasional moisture that entered the garage floor (very heavy rainfall, hosing out the garage floor, etc.)

I am very pleased with the pallets. They are extremely easy to put together, they are very flexible in that I can configure them to fit almost any shape space, and they can be easily re-configured as I change floor storage space. In addition, I find them to be of excellent quality and will undoubtedly last and perform for a very long time.

As friends and relatives observed and admired my use of the pallets, I ordered several additional sets for them. They have all been very pleased, including one friend who uses them in a storage shed in Hawaii where it is common to have a wet floor -- with no damage to items stored on the pallets.

Your Hi & Dri® Storage Pallet is one of the best, most useful products I have used, and I am very enthusiastic about recommending them to anyone.